15 PDHs quickly…Great!

C.M., 2016 Houston attendee

Seminar experience was great!

D.S., 2016 New Orleans attendee

Smorgasboard of topics.

M.K., 2016 Nashville attendee

Excellent speakers and subjects.

H.S., 2016 Nashville attendee

Knowledgeable speakers, variety of subjects covered.

J.B., 2016 St. Louis attendee

Engaging. First class. Best ever.

M.C., 2016 Houston attendee

Close to home = reduced seminar cost. Variety of topics keeps things interesting. Looking forward to coming back next year!!

D.D., 2016 New Orleans attendee

Others are more expensive and do not cover as much.

D.N., 2016 Chicago attendee

Nice comfortable space. Good food and selection.

W.C., 2016 Nashville attendee

I get to complete all of my PDHs for the year, and I prefer attending “in-person” seminars rather than doing them online.

K.L., 2016 Chicago attendee